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Stories From the Yogic Heart is a powerfully-inspiring compilation of 27 stories about how yoga has radically transformed the lives of many. How it has healed, how it has saved, how it has let us feel our connection to all.

Whether you practice Ashtanga, Scaravelli, Sivananda, Kripalu, Iyengar or are a student of other schools of of Hatha yoga, you will thoroughly enjoy this book which features stories from the shores of India to the hills of Hollywood ...

Personal stories by:  Mariel Hemingway, Russell Simmons, Sonny Rollins, Amy Weintraub, Sharon Gannon, Danny Paradise, and many more.

The 27 charities that will be helped through the sales of this book include Artists Against Racism, City Meals on Wheels, Temple of Awakening, Witness, The Kriya Yoga Institute, Matter of Trust, and the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to email us with any questions.

All the best,
Lisa Miriam Cherry

Stories From the Yogic Heart


"Beautiful stories which point to the power of yoga and meditation to bring genuine change to your life."

- Phillip Moffitt, author of Dancing with Life

"A very moving collection of real-life stories, each one with its own unique voice. The common thread which unites them all is that of the transformative power of yoga to turn even the most bleak and difficult situation into an opportunity for flourishing and inner growth. A real treasure trove."
- Jane Sill, Editor-in-Chief

(Yoga and Health Magazine)

"A wonderful collection. Stories From the Yogic Heart inspires us to embark on the yogic path, allowing us to overcome obstacles, to surmount difficulties and to transform our lives so that we can be who we really are."

- Richard Miller, author of "Yoga Nidra:

The Meditative Heart of Yoga"

"An incredible book. Every story is shared with loving authenticity."

- Bif Naked, (singer/songwriter, activist)


"Yoga is a path, a journey, that can change our lives. The stories in this book attest to the potential in all of us to wake up and listen to the power of our inner voice, and then move forward with clarity and strength."
- Tama Soble, Esther Myers Yoga Studio

"Your book is wonderful, touching, heart-opening, anchoring, and full of hope. it conjures up a warm and spacious place that makes me want to do yoga--which I am going to go do RIGHT NOW!"
- Oona McOuat, (singer/harpist)

"Stories from the Yogic Heart was truly inspirational. It's one of those books that you pick up and can't put down until you've finished it--each story is a jewel. It gave me many different perspectives on yoga and inspired me to begin a daily practice. I loved every page of the book and still reflect on the stories though it's been months since I've finished reading it!"
- Beth McDermott

"I just started to read your book and am enjoying it so much already. Such amazing stories and very inspiring. It has really opened my eyes to what yoga can mean to different people. I really hadn't thought of yoga bringing healing, so the perspectives are surprising and uplifting to me. I wish you all the best."
- Marni Armour

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"As a child, I was brought up in the usual Christian church and I always had a sense of self-worth, I always had a sense of conscience that talked to me, and I always knew there was more to reality besides the obvious..."
- Sonny Rollins

"For many years, as I was growing up, I was under the impression that I knew a lot about everything. By the time I was 18 years old, I was a recovering drug addict and college drop-out. It was December, 1993, and I sat alone in a rehab center wearing a long sleeve sweat shirt and sweat pants because my body was so itchy from the drugs releasing from my system..."
- Rosanne Harrison

"I came to the study of yoga out of desperation. Desperation, despair and depression. I was in the turmoil of my first year at university, overwhelmed by life, and close to suicide when my brother, a psychologist, recommended that I study yoga. I did, and it saved my life..."
- Adelheid Ohlig

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