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Writing, like yoga, is a way to the soul, to reach your innermost self, release your emotions, and to feel like your Intuition again. 

Which is why I also encourage others to write daily, to show how  it can transform your life as it has greatly done for me.

Writing on Beach

Writers' Group


Get ready for your day at 8am EST by first doing "The Morning Pages" as taught by Julia Cameron in her book The Writers Way, where we release all our thoughts and worries quickly on the page. 

Then we move onto writing based on writing prompts or whatever project you may be working on, your journal etc--whatever each person's heart desires.

"If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing or sing in writing, then don't write," Anais Nin.

Join me FRIDAY MORNINGS at 8-8:45 am EST by ZOOM ...FREE or PWYC

Writers' Group


Right before bed is the second-best time to write during the day, to unload via the "Evening Page" which are just the evening version of the Morning Pages!

Then I offer writing prompts which you may use to prompt your creativity or you may write what you wish--your journal, an article or poem or story you're working on--whatever you wish, without interruption.

Afterward, you'll be ready for beddy-bye, a calmer sleep and much better dreams.

Join me SUNDAY NIGHTS 8-845 pm EST by ZOOM FREE or PWYC!

Enjoy my yoga articles!

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