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Stories from the Yogic Heart

My book features 27 inspirational stories to help keep you on the yogic path--or to motivate a beginner to start! Stories are by the likes of Sting, Mariel Hemmingway, Wade Morrissette and many more!

A fundraiser for 27 charities chosen by th authors.



Both an infrared sauna and a negative ionizer, the Biomat Pro energizes and detoxifies in one powerful mat full of amethyst. The mini detoxifies also,as an infrared sauna featuring amethyst and tourmaline. Both mats have helped me greatly with detoxing my heavy metal body load, helping improve brain-power. A great investment for your health. As a distributor, I can offer you a discount on either. Email me for price of each or for a flier (Canadian import taxes for mats are extra).

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Yoga Mat

You will love this colourful, all-natural rubber mat. Proceeds go to the charity Artists Against Racism.

Please contact me for current sale price!

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Yogic Heart Pin

Great for  your knapsack, jean jacket, yoga mat bag and more! Order one for $5 or 3 for $10!


Poem - "Please Come Home"

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